About Us

TOHO Beads in Turkey


TOHO Beads Company (http://tohobeads.net) was started on November 3rd, 1951 in Hiroshima Japan. Since then, they have improved their techniques, designed and created new equipment and facilities. Fortunately, they can say today that when it comes to quality, TOHO Beads Company is the number one glass beads maker in the world and has gained respect of not only the people in Japan but around the world.

As Santral Ltd. we are the TOHO Beads’ distributor in Turkey.

We provide Toho Treasure and Round 15/0 seed beads in  a variety of finishes with increadible quality and durability in many colors.

Toho Treasure seed beads are high quality 11/0 cylinder beads with thin walls and large holes. They allow for many passes of thread, so they are the perfect choice for bead work. They can be used in loom projects, peyote and brick stitch, stringing projects and more. They are consistent in size and shape and available in many colors.

TOHO Round 15/0 seed beads are one of the most popular seed beads used in beading and jewelry making. Their uniformity of size and shape and having larger holes make them perfect for any kind of beading project.

We also provide One-G Beading Thread developed by TOHO for beading professionals. TOHO One-G beading thread is a nylon beading thread that can be used for bead weawing, looming, stringing and more. It is easy to work with, strong but not stiff, shred resistant, pliable and won’t fray as easily as other nylon threads.